March, Book 3 by John Lewis & Andre Aydin


Rating – 5 stars

Date Finished – February 1, 2017

11/120 in 2017

This is required reading. All three of these graphic novels, really – but this one is absolutely the most important thing I’ve read in a long time. In some ways it’s well-trod territory; we all know the outline of the Civil Rights movement. But, this account from John Lewis’ perspective breathes new life into the pat narrative that we all know from school (Rosa Parks, MLK gave a speech, sit-ins and protests, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act passed and it was all done). The reader is invited into the inner struggles of SNCC and the deep and careful thought that went into how the civil rights movement should (and in many cases, did) proceed. I cried again and again at the enormous fear and violence that activists endured, but mostly I cried because although I know their stories, I have the ability to remove myself enough to forget the fact that they literally laid their lives down to do what they knew was right.


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