How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell


Rating – 1 star

Date Finished – February 2, 2017

12/120 in 2017

Whew, this one was rough. I keep going back and forth about what to say – on one hand, this book is just the incessant ramblings of an addict with no perspective who glamorizes some of the darkest moments of addiction I’ve ever read about. On the other hand, she’s a super talented writer who is also a very sick woman, and I appreciate that she has had the chance to tell her story. There are rare moments of clarity that stand out, but this is mostly a repetitive, drug-fueled account of absurd privilege. It’s interesting to read about someone’s life that is so different from my own, but it’s impossible not to be frustrated by Marnell’s illness and her complete lack of awareness of the undue leeway that she’s been give by her family, bosses, and coworkers. All that said, I think there is value to a memoir that puts you right in the thick of addiction without the glowy hindsight that most newly clean memoirists bring to the table. There’s honesty and brutality here, which is worth noting. But it’s one of the hardest books I’ve ever read.


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