Father Melancholy’s Daughter by Gail Godwin


Rating – 4 stars

Date Finished – January 21, 2017

6/120 in 2017

I really enjoyed Godwin’s characters in Romulus, Virginia, and their relationships with Walter and Margaret Gower. I read a review that described the parishioners and their descriptions as Chaucerian, and I totally agree – told with tenderness and charm, these weirdo small town people make this novel and all its small moments a real delight to read. It’s a meditation on parents and children – what is learned, what is inherited, and what mistakes we’re destined to unknowingly repeat. I understand how this novel could be seen as a little plodding, sometimes slow, and sometimes pretentious in its meditation on literature and religion, but all those things were part of what I thought made it lovely.


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